Real Estate Investment Trust
Identified a dormant asset belonging to banking client reported by a publicly traded REIT.

Origination: Aged asset of 40 years 
Dormancy: Reported 15 years ago 


Forensic Investigation
Uncovered full history of private-to-public partnership created in 1970 to finance affordable public housing. Public REIT subsequently merged with corporation.

Reviewed corporate action details to determine client never tendered shares nor received history of dividends. All escheated to state jurisdiction.

Identified stakeholders who could attest to client's ownership over 40 years ago to validate with Office of Unclaimed Funds.

Contacted original CEO and Counsel to obtain documentation and eventual affidavit to successfully claim asset.


Largest Payout by Jurisdiction

Conversion of Outstanding Shares:
Accumulated Dividends Paid:
Total Claimed & Recovered:

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